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Many times, when we are searching for that perfect chain necklace, we are elated to find it, only to discover that when putting it on, it just “doesn’t hit me in the right place.” We all know how disappointing that is! So we take it home, try to shorten it with a pin at the back of the neck or use a longer pin to elongate the necklace (which hopefully, nobody will see!) Or, we consider taking it to a jeweler to fix, but that costs more money on top of the price of the necklace. So we just forget the whole thing and keep looking for that perfect chain. Chains have basic lengths, according to a standard of the average human body. But if one is rather tall, or on the shorter, petite side, finding the correct chain can really be exasperating. A larger or smaller bustline also makes a big difference.  A 15” choker, an 18” short necklace, or a 30” long necklace just doesn’t work for everyone, if a specific “look” is desired. That is why most jewelry is designed with extenders. It allows for a bit of wiggle room in the length of the necklace or chain. It isn’t always a finished look. Hopefully, my offering you a selection of beautiful chains made in the USA, Italy or France and made to your specifications will solve the above problem. The chains on this site are of top quality and will not tarnish. They will keep their beauty for years to come if handled with the proper care. All chains are brass or silver, designed by internationally known craftspeople and are plated heavily in 24K gold in the United States. They should be stored ideally in a small plastic Zip-loc bag with a bit of the chain sticking out. This keeps the chains from tangling, especially the very fine ones. When you travel, you can just grab your favorite chain in its easy viewable bag....and go! The price of the chain varies by your choice of chain and its price per foot, as shown in the description of each chain. The price of the clasp (if necessary) varies by size and type: magnetic, silver, 14K silver-toned, gold-toned, rose gold-toned, hematite-toned.  So here is how you “Design Your Own Chain Necklace:” YOU choose: the chain you want the length of the chain  the type of clasp you want (REMEMBER: if you desire a longer chain, you might be able to double or triple it around your neck without a clasp!) THEN: e-mail me at info@pygmalion with your above info and I will send you the final price of the chain, adding in the $15. creation charge and the price of the clasp. Then you can decide if you would like to purchase it or not.