Women are intelligent, creative, resourceful, beautiful creatures! Whether a woman is in her teens or mature, there is always something new, adventurousand fulfilling for her to experience in the time that lies ahead.

Pygmalion Designs is the fifth major adventure in my life. It is a website by a woman for women who desire to be timely and chic, always revealing that extra feminine edge. One doesn’t have to be a fashion slave to be current with today’s fashion statements.

I commenced my working career at 22 years of age as a high-school foreign language teacher, traveling the world as often as possible, always purchasing fashionable jewelry and accessories to wear and share with friends. After 16 years of teaching, my second career as an upscale boutique owner commenced. My own jewelry designs were featured, purchased and sought after by many. During this time I traveled with my artist/sculptor husband and seriously began to collect adornments from various countries.

After closing the boutique, I began to sell my trip collections privately. This third enterprise morphed into a fourth career when a dear friend wanted to create an exclusive private jewelry and accessory business that would be taken to various venues in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and Santa Barbara. I must say that I was a bit reluctant to expand into a new business at this time, in an area laden with glamorous stores and exquisite jewelry items. However, we forged ahead, found our niche and eight years later, we are still going strong.

And now I have decided to expand independently onto the World Wide Web. I have developed a “One of a Style, NOT One of Many” website for the woman who doesn’t have a great deal of leisure time to shop, who knows what she likes and allows me to be her Personal Shopper. All of the designs shown on this site are one-of-a-style (perhaps in two or three colors) and when they are purchased, a different design takes its place. In this manner, you and your friends will never be wearing the same piece of jewelry. (And you know how embarrassing that can be at a party!)

Pygmalion Designs constantly searches for innovative wholesalers, who can offer this enterprise stylish, well-made merchandise at the best pricing possible. And these great prices we pass on to you, the buyer. Our turnover is quick and our eye is focused on to the next exciting design concept.

Each item is shipped in its own padded and wrapped jewelry box so that upon its arrival, you feel either that you personally are receiving a well-deserved gift or you are immediately ready to gift the item to a friend.

I hope you enjoy browsing our various sections: the constantly evolving Current Jewelry and Accessories, the Vintage, and the Featured Designers. We hope you will appreciate Pygmalion Designs and purchase the first of many wonderful pieces.