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Spring/Summer 2021

Trending Jewelry and Accessories

Oversize Hoop Earrings

Bamboo Earrings/Bracelets

Piled on Pearls

Short Thick Chain Necklaces

Fancy Headbands

Silver or Gold Link Bracelets


Spring/Summer 2021 Colors

Mellow Yellow

Bubblegum Pink

Magnetic Magenta

Tiger Tangerine

Tennis Ball Green




Pygmalion Designs

Women are intelligent, creative, resourceful, beautiful creatures! Whether a woman is in her teens or mature, there is always something new, adventurous and fulfilling for her to experience in the time that lies ahead.

Pygmalion Designs is the fifth major adventure in my life. It is a website by a woman for women who desire to be timely and chic, always revealing that extra feminine edge. One doesn’t have to be a fashion slave to be current with today’s fashion statements……

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